Dibétou’s heartwood

Durability Dibetou is moderately to poorly durable to fungi and is durable to dry wood borers; sapwood demarcated (risk limited to sapwood). Dibetou can be used for several applications Such as: Interior: e.g. high class furniture, seats, panelling, sliced veneer, veneer, joinery, light carpentry.


Dibétou’s heartwood is yellow-brown to dark brown usually with a golden coloured sheen, sometimes with dark streaks or veined (called tigerwood). The sapwood is grey-white to light beige, with a maximum thickness of 70 mm, but an average of 50 mm.

Properties of this timber species


  • Botanical name: 1. Lovoa trichilioides 2. The East African species are derived from Lovoa swynnertonii and Lovoa Brownii
  • ATIBT name: Dibétou
  • Other names: Bibolo


  • Thanks to its walnut appearance, Dibétou is used for decorative veneer and veneered furniture components and panelling
  • Solid wood is used for framework, mosaics and sculpturing


  • Resistance to fungi: class 3-4 (moderately – poorly durable)
  • Resistance to insects: Termites class G (sapwood susceptible to damage)


  • 1. (480)-550-(650) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content
  • Fresh 750-850 kg/m3
  • 2. 600-700 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content
  • Fresh 850-950 kg/m3


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