IROKO Sawn Timber

Sawn to Size Iroko is ideal if you don’t have the facility to cut timber down in-house. … The timber is supplied in the FAS grade and is a rich golden brown in colour. This is the highest grade of Iroko you can get and ensures that your end product is of the highest quality


Iroko is a hardwood pruduced from a tree that generally grows on the coast of Africa. These trees, which live as long as 500 years, future a very large structure and wide trunk. The Iroko wood is easy to work with except or surfacing operation which may be difficult because of its interlocked grains.

Species group: Tropical hardwoods
Durability: Durable
Colour description: Yellow brown
Mean density: 660 Kg/m3


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BEGNIMBE CAMEROUN  is engaged in retailing, wholesaling and export of premium trade quality West African Timber in a range of top wood species including Sapele (Mahogay) Okan, Padauk, Ebony among others.

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