Padauk, African Padauk, or vermillion, is a heartwood of orange to brown-red color. It is perimarily found in Central and tropical west Africa jungles. The straight grain texture of Padauk makes it easy to woek with common uses include flooring, music instruments, veneer, furniture, etc.


The heartwood of African Padouk is an attractive bright orangey red, sometimes called coral red. When exposed to light this tint discolours quickly to dull red-brown and in the long term to black-brown. The 100-200 mm thick sapwood is off-white to cream coloured.

Properties of this timber species


  • Botanical name: Pterocarpus soyauxii / Pterocarpus osun
  • ATIBT name: Padouk d’Afrique


  • Exterior and interior panelling, frontages, doors, furniture, bar and counter surfaces, floors, frames, knobs and handles, veneer, turned goods and sculptures


  • Resistance to fungi: class 1 (very durable)
  • Resistance to insects: Termites class D (sapwood and heartwood very durable)


  • (620)-720-740-820-(900) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content
  • Fresh 900-1000 kg/m3


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BEGNIMBE CAMEROUN  is engaged in retailing, wholesaling and export of premium trade quality West African Timber in a range of top wood species including Sapele (Mahogay) Okan, Padauk, Ebony among others.

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